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I Just Released A Brand New Single!

I'm very excited to announce that my first single from my upcoming full-length album, "I'l l Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" is now available on all major music outlets! Even though this is another cover by one of my favorite bands, U2 (don't worry; original songs are coming soon!), this song really voiced my feelings and concerns over transitioning to moving to college in Nashville, Tennessee over this past summer. You can stream and purchase here on Bandcamp, where I get most proceeds, but you can also find it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music! I hope you enjoy!

What a time the past two months have been!

I have been so incredibly busy the past two months while studying at Belmont University here in Nashville, and it's going fantastically!

  • I had one of my last gigs for a while at the Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, MO this past September! It was a blast to perform in the historic downtown area and meet so many fellow fans of the steampunk genre.

  • I still have lots of physical copies of my EP, Exit 99 left if you would like one! You can purchase one on Bandcamp.

  • Lots of new covers on YouTube are now up such as my version of Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, Bad by U2, and the solo from Comfortably Numb (full cover coming soon, it'll be great, mwahaha...), and more!

  • I have my first show in Nashville at Boulevard Records on the Belmont University campus coming up on January 11th!

Thanks so much for your support, Lydia, "Dragoness"

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