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A Musical Summer!


This has been one insane and incredible summer that is almost indescribable... BUT, in only one blog post, I will try my best to collect my thoughts and experiences over the last few months and some new announcements!

As I was wrapping up my junior year of high school, I released my debut single "Subdivisions" right before Cape Comic Con in April! If you have not yet checked it out, stream and purchase it here on Bandcamp! Soon afterward I've been taking advantage of Facebook Advertising, implementing live looping in street playing more often, and performing at school events to get my music out more, and the result is so far so good!

June was full of concerts such as U2, Muse, and Thunderhead: The Rush Experience, and thus fun times with family and friends!

Also in June I attended the Strings Crossings camp at Belmont University to get a closer look at alternative string playing styles such as jazz, fiddling, and rock. The camp also offered to take classes from residential string players at Belmont like Tracy Silverman, Billy Contreas, and Elizabeth Small. My small group recorded a cover of "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac by ear in the historic Columbia Studio B on Music Row in Nashville, which was my first professional recording session (and Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan have recorded there)! I can't wait to share what it sounds like.

June was a blur, and the beginning of July was likewise.

Only just a week ago, I had the experience of my life: Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp in Olathe, Kansas. I never thought I would feel among such family and greatness! I learned about subjects such as live looping, intonation on electric violin, gain and distortion, singing and playing, and different styles as well. I met amazing and skilled people such as Val Vigoda (one of my great inspirations!!), Chuck Bontrager, Hayden Vitera, Mark Wood, Laura Kaye, Greg Byers, Dr. David Wallace, Joe Deninzon, and Matt Vanacoro.

This camp was right up my alley and I absorbed so much information in such a fast period of time! It's hard to believe that it was only a week, and I'm still in denial that it's over!

So now on to the announcements!

1. I am being featured in a Legend of Zelda remix of "Dragon Roost Island"!! The composer is Theophany, please check out his work here! He does tons of epic orchestral re-thinkings of video game tunes.

2. I have my first gigs coming up!

-Downtown Cape River Market on August 5th

-Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, MO from September 2-4. Get your tickets here!

-Downtown Cape River Market on September 23rd.

-More street playing at random dates! Ask me for when the next time will (hopefully?) be.

3. I am announcing my first EP, "Exit 99" (Release TBD)!! And from that EP is a single called "Bad" (Originally performed by U2) that should release this fall!

Thank you so, so much for all your support so far this summer and this beginning leg of this venture!

Lydia Gentry

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